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Dedicated to treating our clients like our own family.
About A1 Nola Notary

A1 Nola Notary was established in September 2022 by Tatiana Alaniz and Maria Rodriguez.  This mother and daughter duo have worked in the legal field for over 17 years extending themselves to the surrounding Hispanic community.  They saw a demand for help within the community that inspired them to get educated in notary services and translation services.  With their knowledge and background, they are able to provide the best service possible to potential clients within the limits allowed by the law.  They are dedicated to providing top tier instruments with a speedy turnaround time.
















Maria Del Carmen Rodriguez is a Honduran native that emigrated to the United States in 1984.  She attended junior high and high school in the United States.  Maria started her career in the legal field around 2006 with a solo practice attorney.  Her passion for law and drive to assist the local community grew daily as more and more clients within the Hispanic community sought her help.  As a manager and paralegal of multiple law firms, Maria understands the importance of providing the best service possible and personally connecting with clients.  

Tatiana Elizabeth Alaniz is a native to Louisiana.  Since a very young age, Tatiana's parents taught her the importance of educating oneself.  She excelled in high school with honors which would then reflect in her college years at Loyola University making the dean's list consistently.  She worked part time at a law firm while attending Loyola; it was then that she developed a passion for law and continued her career path as a paralegal.  After years of working in a law firm, she decided to expand her career path and become a Civil Law Notary to further provide extended services to the Hispanic community.

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